And why today you must choose Network Marketing that is called AGEL

Mr. Petter Drucker, a network marketing guru, said that good network marketing must consist of seven factors, as 

1. Company – the company must be stable, strong, and have a stable financial status.
2. Products – the product must be the best quality and must not have competitors.
3. Plan – income plan should be fair and income should be of food value
4. Trends – products must be in demand in the present and future market.
5. Timing – must not have been launched too long ago and must be in the period of growth.
6. Team – must have a professional leader that can really help you succeed.
7. Management – the management must be professional and administrators must have extensive experience in the field of network marketing.

Gel Plus is a company with all of the seven aforementioned factors and Gel Plus has many other factors that make it stand out, that has helped the company grow quickly and will become a billion – dollar company in the near future.

  •  The latest innovation is unique, unlike anything that is available.
  •  The most modern marketing plan.
  • Administrators with the most success in this business.
  • The first to in the world to develop the innovative nutritional supplement Suspension Gel Technology.
  • The products are not available in the market and cannot be duplicated.
  • Business is conducted through full-fledged e-commerce and e-networking.

Gel Plus has destroyed many historical records in the field of network marketing.

  • Surpassed the global record for sales in the first month of the launch of a new product – 200 million baht, highest in the history of network marketing.
  • Surpassed historical records, launching the product in ten countries simultaneously, which included America, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Israel.
  • Gel Plus has been in business since October 2005 and currently functions in 57 countries.
  • Surpassed historical records, in the first month of business has the biggest financial supporter, with Ash Capital Co.,Ltd., whose owner is Mr. Allen Ashton, producer and distributor of the Word Perfect software, with the sale to Microsoft for 1.7 billion dollars, or 70,000 million baht.