Mr.Nattadech Chaipakornwong – Joe

My Biography before joining Network Marketing.

Dear all,

Welcome to my Biography. Thank you for giving your time to know more about me.

I am hopeful that my opinion, goals, and thoughts on life will benefit you. My name is Nattadech Chaipakornwong, nickname “Joe”. I am now 38 years old. I was born in the south of Thailand. I am the oldest son of three in my family. My family is originally from China. My father was a very successful businessman there. Before the 1997 economic crisis, he owned property worth over $300,000. However, after the crisis, my father had to bear the debt of that $300,000! At that time, I was only 16 years old. I was very shocked when I was told that I could not study at a university due to the financial situation of my family.

“Believing that education could improve my future, I decided to study at SongklanakarinUniversity. To support my studies I began to look for part-time jobs. Having never left my hometown, this was my first time in a new place.”

While studying at University I was involved in many activities. One of those activities included taking groups to travel to different provinces. I also played music and I used to be a drummer in my faculty’s band. I could not play very well but I enjoyed it and was quite crazy about it.

Finally, I graduated from university and obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After that, I entered the workforce. Outside of work, my life was very empty and boring. My salary of $300 could not improve my family’s $300,000 debt. My work experience

– Position: Software Developer of Setsquare International Co., Ltd.

– Position: Restaurant Manager in Thai Restaurant, Brighton City, England.

– Position: Project Coordinator of Miracle Net Group Co., Ltd.

My first Experience in Software Development.

While at my first job in Software Development as a programmer I wrote the Oracle program. I worked there for half a year. I felt bored since I was in front of the computer everyday. I worked as a programmer for four years throughout my academic career. I didn’t want to go to work because it was tiring. I anticipated Friday evenings because I then had time to travel, get rest, watch movies, and had freedom for 2 days. But I felt very lazy every Sunday night because I was not excited for Monday morning.

I held my position while I watched many friends quit to study in oversea. I had a dream that I wanted to go and learn English abroad in order to enhance my skills. Thus, I decided to study abroad and work a part-time job to gain more money.

Finding a way to study in England was not easy. I used a lot of my own funds. My family did not sponsor me. I tried many ways and asked many people, also searching for information on the internet. After researching on the internet I was confident in my ability to obtain a visa. I quit my job and prepared myself by learning English for interviews. When I was rejected I was shocked! Oh, my Gosh! My world’s moving. I quit my previous job in order to go abroad and also said goodbye to all my relatives and friends. I spent almost all the money I had.

However, I had to try again. This time I prepared everything perfectly. Finally, I got a Visa. But I was disappointed that before I got the visa I wasted my time for almost a half year. Then I followed my dream and went to learn English.

The first lesson I gained from this experience is to follow your own dreams and intentions. You research and be ready a head of time and never give up. No matter how long it takes and how difficult it is. You will be sorry if you miss your chance.

My Second Experience in Restaurant management.

Once I arrived in England I ran out of money. Moreover, I had loans from the Thai government. My hope was to work, make money, and study. Fortunately, I got a job before I left Thailand. I also paid for my school a few months ahead. However, I had to work very hard to make money and pay for

I worked past time as a dishwasher. It was an easy job to get because of previous experience and my inability to speak English. Truly, I hate washing dishes. So what? I had no choice but I did learn so much from this job. I was very hard working. I tried my hardest to speak English. I paid attention in classes, but was really tired because I worked until 2 am and made the two hour commute to school at 9 am everyday. I did not have much time to sleep.

I worked 6 days a week to support myself and save to pay off debt. I got sick very often because of the rain and cold weather, but I couldn’t stop and had to struggle.

After washing dishes for 2 months my body began to adapt. I began to understand English words. My boss knew that I was diligent so I was promoted to the assistant cook. Oh, my gosh, I only know how to cook fried eggs and omelets. It’s not delicious! I convinced myself to have confidence. Finally, I decided I could do it because I must survive. This time I also still worked as a dishwasher with the same salary even though my duties increased. I had the opportunity to learn to cook. I was able to cook and bring food to school to save money.

After 2 months of working in the kitchen, I was moved to the front. I was now able to speak and understand English better but was still substandard because a waiter must be able to speak advanced English. Likewise, a waiter must know all food on the menu, manage tables, greet customers, and serve food, etc. (This is very different from Thailand, where waiters take care of only 1-2 tables). In fact, I had to take care of 10 tables in England. It is very important to take good care of customers as the expectations of English patrons are much higher and more demanding than those in Thailand. A waiter in England has no time to relax, but must constantly be moving to serve the needs of customers.

My work was very enjoyable and rewarding because I had gained so much experience. Unfortunately, the heavy workload took a toll on my health. I was plagued daily by head and stomach aches.

Two months later, I was promoted to the position of bar trainer. I managed waiters, giving them direction and teaching them how to serve customers properly. This time I could serve wine, though I don’t drink very much, it was still a good experience.

2 months later, I was promoted to Restaurant Manager. Wow! This time I had to manage all staff. After only 8 months working at the restaurant, I had worked my way to the top and was put in charge of the whole restaurant. I worked harder, which is good because I received tips as well. Everything was going well there until the end of the year when I became very sick. I couldn’t go to work for a week, which greatly affected the restaurant. Without telling me, my employers had found a replacement for my position. I had to hand over all responsibilities to my replacement and was given a job as a delivery man, transporting food to customers. I worked in England for a while but had to return to my home in Thailand because my father had diabetes.

The second lesson learned from this time; your success will be changed as you are. I learnt that I must develop myself to achieve my wishes. The life of the Employee: don’t be absent, late, get sick, or die! They will certainly find someone to replace you, no matter how smart and diligent you are!

My 3rd Experience as Project Coordinator (Foreign Coordinating on Business)

When I returned to Thailand, I applied for a job on the Internet and they contacted me almost immediately because of my desirable experience in England. However, I had to struggle to make money again. Personally, I don’t like to be a programmer because it is a lot of pressure. I liked coordinating with customers and serving them. I chose a company that would enable me to use my English. I wanted to put into practice the English that I learned.

My responsibility was contacting customers, many of them were English and they had networks in Europe which were very high standard and professional. It was very different from my previous job in the restaurant business. Working in the restaurant was more fun than this since everyone wants to relax and rest. Here I was dissatisfied because of the stress of dealing with so many customers’ needs. We supported them via the internet. I also had a part-time job working 12 hours a day. I gained more income from this.

I was drawn to this job because everything was well organized and a good system made up of many of my senior friends. They were all very smart and graduated from the best University in Thailand in both engineering and computer science. I could work wherever there was an internet. This gave me a level of freedom that I enjoyed.

My 3rd Lesson learned from this period: Employees can make money off of their work. You have to work instead to change time and money, but those who build a system earn an income and do not need to work again. They don’t have to work on their own. I found that I like to work with freedom. I don’t like a job that I have to go and work in the early morning. I don’t want to be limited by place and time.


My 4th lesson. My life was changed by Network Marketing my dreams came true.

But that new opportunity was a regular job which gave me a higher salary. I wanted to be a professional employee.

 I had the opportunity to listen to Amway during my second year in the University. (10 years ago). However, it was not interesting or exciting because the income was normal. (This is just my opinion.)

After that, I had the opportunity to know Herbalife. One of my friends used Herbalife and he persuaded me to see the business opportunity at the hotel. At first, he didn’t tell me what it was. However, I needed more income. I just needed $200 per month including my salary to pay for the condo.

After listening to the Business Briefing, I was surprised to hear about their income. Many people had income between $3,000 and $10,000 and many of the people didn’t even work for a year. It made me sleepless because I thought that if I succeed like them I would be successful before I am 30 years old. I planned to earn $3,000 per month when I was 40 years. Finally, I joined this organization because they have a system to network through the internet.

I quit my job without advising anyone and then invested almost $3,000 in products. When I dedicated my time to this business I realized it wasn’t as easy as I thought. My friend also saw it was not so easy and gave a month later. Wow! What should I do now? I continued on for almost a year, but then stopped due to high stress levels and difficulty. The income and compensation was not adequate. Working 7 days a week, I remained in meetings until 1-2 am, making me crave more free time. I felt as if I was betraying my customers when the company told me not to give them details in order to entice them into joining the company. I was required to pass this direction along to the teams I sponsor. This company focused solely on increasing profit.

Many people maintain patience and achieve some level of success, but I could tell that they were not very happy. They work hard and make money, but give up their freedom.

I am appreciative of my first network marketing position. I gained valuable insight into running a business, but I also learned that it isn’t the direction I want to take.


Network marketing allows best utilize your time while receiving benefits While I partnered withHerballife I collaborated with successful leaders who ran their businesses for 15-25 years with an income of $ 30,000-50,000. per month. By utilizing the network marketing system they were able to live comfortably, travel, and enjoy their free time. I wondered if I could enjoy this lifestyle also.



Many people believe that network marketing makes retirement difficult. Every successful business began as a simple idea in one person’s mind. Based on my experience, successful leaders who are able to retire before others must embody the following qualities:

1. Select a promising company. Research is key. Companies that have been established for over 15 years often run out of new ideas. Choose a company that has unique ideas and products. Join a company that can benefit from your unique skills and contributions.

2. Successful leaders are involved long-term with only one company.

3. They extend their business to many countries. Successful leaders run businesses in not only one country, but more than four. In the event of an economic crisis, being established in more than one country, the company will be able to sustain itself.

4. These leaders were not experts before but through hard work and determination, they were able to become successful. Along with their increase in skills comes an increase in income. For example, one friend cleaned trash in the market and transported fish to various markets in Hong Kong. Along side of these two jobs, he began network marketing in his free time. Now he earns $ 10,000-20,000. per month.

5. Have a specific goal. Having something tangible to work towards provides motivation.

6. Network marketing is community oriented, focusing on relationships while increasing profit. People must be able to work together in order to achieve success.

I choose a Network Marketing company after thoroughly researching my options. I created my own online system to track the company’s progress. By utilizing the internet I am able to take my office with me wherever I go. This allows me the freedom to travel while still completing work.

I now consider myself successful with the freedom to create my own schedule. I am able to travel to many countries 2-4 times per year. I have the freedom to spend a lot of time with my family.

I believe that within the next 5 years I will be able to stop working while still receiving an income. This is possible because I carefully chose which company I wanted to join.

Listed below are 7 factors of a promising business, suggested by Peter Drucker, the world Management guru of marketing.

1. Company: A worldwide known company
2. Product: Must be original, of high quality, with real results, and without competition.
3. Compensation Plan. Ability to work part time with entry level opportunities
4. Trends. The world’s trends are about health.
5. Timing: We are first group or beginners.
6. Team: Are morality and have the best support system both Online and Offline.
7. Management: Successful businesses have more than 20 years experience in professional management.

This makes me have an advantage in Net Working. All the above mentions are from my real experience so it may not correct as you have heard before. However, I strongly believe that it is the right things.

Well, I have not finished it now, but will keep writing. Please wait for the next story.

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You may choose either system both Offline and Online. However, we concentrate all. Because you don’t use solely internet to build business opportunity. You are “marketing” to your “network” of friends and associates.

All you have to do is mention the product you are using and recommend it to them. Plus if you can show them how they can make a bit of extra money (and even set up their own business) recommending the product to other people, you have just recruited a sales person for your business. It’s that simple.

Including you won’t miss the opportunity when you meet skillful people.

To work as teamwork by following these two successful systems will help your business grow quickly 300%.

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