Gel Plus Market Opportunities


You see the "network" is simply the people you come in contact with or who are in your circle of influence.  And the "marketing" is simply you telling them about a product, service, movie, song, book, restaurant, etc.

Network marketing also provides a better model for getting products to consumers.

The traditional model is to manufacture a product, sell and ship it to a warehouse, who resells it and ships it to a distributor, who resells it and ships it to a retail store, who sells it to you, the consumer.  And, of course, along the way, there are price increases to cover all the costs of getting that product through the "distribution channel".

But what if you could sell directly to the consumer?

Cut out all the "middlemen" and all the shipping and storing and stocking of the product and you can save a substantial amount on the cost.

By combining the power of word-of-mouth marketing and direct-to-consumer delivery a company can eliminate 50-75% of the costs of doing business.

So why not take some of that savings and give it to those word-of-mouth marketers?  Thus you have the Network Marketing advertising and distribution model.

You already recommend products, services, restaurants, books, movies and more to your friends, family, and neighbors, why not get paid for it?

When was the last time a restaurant sent you a check for sending new customers their way?  When was the last time you got a free bottle of vitamins from the manufacturer for showing them to your Aunt Ruthie?

 Today the network marketing/direct selling model spans the globe, practiced in more than 100 countries and growing.  Nearly 53 million people worldwide participate, and will produce estimated revenues this year of over $30 Billion in the United States, and over $100 Billion worldwide.

And this model continues to grow as new (and old) companies turn to network marketing to reduce costs and expand their marketing reach.

Gel Plus is the ideal network marketing company.