Meet The Team

• Former UK Business Co-ordinator. • Expert and creator of Gel Plus Internet Marketing System. • One of the Top Ten Gel Plus Leaders of Thailand and Asia. • Current position: “Executive Diamond Director” with a team of 6000 people in over 14 countries.


Who are we? We are organizers;     we do real Network Marketing.

We have the highest leaders with a strong vision and have the intention to have a sustainable business with Offline/Online tools. We don’t only teach you business, but how to be a professional in the business world. Within a family atmosphere we work together to achieve your goals and your team goals in the future.

All information regarding our company, products, and strategies is explained throughout the website.

In order to grasp an understanding of the strength of our business, please read through the information found on our website. For more information please don’t hesitate to ask us. We will be as prompt as possible with our response.

Especially,!! you can own this Online/Offline systems when you join with our team. Free for yourself and all your team in the future. It can help you to work with people you know and network with those you don’t. Come and join with Agel.

We provide tools to increase your business’ productivity.
You will increase your confidence, without having to create your own system.
Come earn unlimited income! This is what you will achieve from this business.

100% Hi-Tech + 100% Hi-Touch = 300% Power Up Your Business

You may choose either system both Offline and Online. However, we concentrate all. Because you don’t use solely internet to build business opportunity. You are “marketing” to your “network” of friends and associates.

All you have to do is mention the product you are using and recommend it to them. Plus if you can show them how they can make a bit of extra money (and even set up their own business) recommending the product to other people, you have just recruited a sales person for your business. It’s that simple.

Including you won’t miss opportunity when you meet skillful people.

To work as team work by following these two successful systems will help your business grow quickly 300%.

You can choose the way you do your business that will fit your lifestyle either standard marketing or online, our staffs are ready to assist you.

Online System


– High quality website, multiple languages. – Helps you promote your business.
– Video on the website presents Agel information. – increases interest, no need for eloquence.
– The flowing result system. – Helps you build your team easier & faster.
– Internet Classroom (E-Learning). – Helps you have a business skills and be able to work from home.
– System to track your partners progress and commission. – Enables you to check your current business status at all times.
– Auto-email reply. – Enabling you to climb the corporate ladder.
– System supporting to use Banner. – To increase market opportunity.
– Gallery of photos portraying our teamwork. – To increase confidence within the business in a supportive group environment.
– Many resources are available such as documents, hand books, and video are prepared for. – To support lasting relationships with both domestic and international clients.
– Multimedia resources including multilingual online meetings and video chat by Camfrog. – To strengthen international business relationships.
 Offline System
– Agel is a successful team. – Join us, and you will become successful as well.
– Agel is a professional network marketing business with more than 20 years of experience. – To avoid wrong technique but do “Right” technique.
– Network Marketing is a very profitable career. With Agel, one can earn 6-700, 000 baht per month. – Using Agel’s proven system, you can also succeed.
– We have skillful teachers to train your team. – To develop your success and your team permanently.
– We provide seminar courses in the meeting room and also different provinces. – To opportunity people could relate and learn in a real statement and different countries.
– We have tools: CD, books, brochures and etc. – It can help business owners who have less time and have just begun to run business.
– We have professional psychologists who understand deeply difference of people. – To pull your skill which hided 95 %
– Many professional business owners do full time. – To help people who desires to do business as full time which enable you to success faster.
– Working as a team leading by experiences professional executive.